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    Assignments March 16-20, 2020


    ***Students will not have any assignment scheduled for April 10-13, 2020. All assignments will resume on Tuesday, April 14, 2020.


    *** It has been reported that some teachers are receiving inappropriate messages via Google Classroom. Accounts linked to posting inappropriate behavior or comments will be reported and deleted immediately. At this time, teachers will not add accounts to their classroom, unless a parent contacts the teacher to be added.


    Parent must now contact teachers to get elementary schools’ Google Classroom Codes for parents  and students to access class assignments and stay informed. The website for Google Classroom is classroom.google.com.  Once students access their teacher’s google classroom, they will find their class assignments, teaching notes, and other instructional activities. This tool will also be used to communicate with parents. We are asking parents that do not have access to WiFi to contact Spectrum at 1-844-488-8398 for free internet. Principals and teachers will post other information regarding telecommunication companies offering free internet services and WiFi to parents. Also, Google Classroom works on kids’ PS4 and Xbox. These online programs can also be accessed on cell phones, video game consoles, and iPads. 


    To help parents that do not have internet access or electronic devices, please see below assignments and directions to help your child stay engaged in learning.

    1) Refer to teacher's Google Classroom for directions for assignment.
    2) Use notebook paper or complete assignments in a notebook tablet to submit.
    2) Head and label assignments such as ELA Week 1...
    2) For ELA assignments, write the title of the passage and writing prompt. Then number your paper for answers choices.
    3) For math assignments, number your paper for answers and show work below answer choice.
    4) If you would like to submit weekly, you can send screenshots to the teacher. Screenshots must clear and legible.

    CPSD Third Grade Week 1 Test Prep Packet

    CPSD Third Grade Week 2 Test Prep Packet

    CPSD Fourth Grade Week 1 Test Prep Packet

    CPSD Fourth Grade Week 2 Test Prep Packet

    CPSD Fifth Grade Week 1 Test Prep Packet

    CPSD Fifth Grade Week 2 Test Prep Packet




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Counselor's Corner

 Ivy Archie

Phone: 601-855-7819


Degrees and Certifications:

B.A. in Psychology Tougaloo College M.Ed. in Counselor Education The University of Mississippi Nationally Board Certified Counselor (NCC)

Ivy Archie

Hello! I am elated to join the Reuben B. Myers staff.  This is my fourth year counseling. Prior to joining Canton Public School District, I served as a high school counselor for two years at Strayhorn High School in Tate County School District and one year  as a K-12 counselor at both Strayhorn High School and Strayhorn Elementary. As a native of Canton, MS, I want nothing more than to see the children of Canton succeed. I'm certain we have the capabilities, the right attitudes and most importantly an extraordinary staff and student body to take the Tigers to the Top!  I look forward to a great year serving the students of Reuben B. Myers!  Parents, remember you are our partners in your child's education. Let's build a brighter future together.

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