• Canton Public School District Board of Education 


    Johnny Brown, Chairman
    Johnny Brown, Chairman
    As Chairman of the CPSD Board of Trustees, my efforts are geared towards helping to create a learning atmosphere that focuses on the success of all students. We must continuously strive to improve the educational process so that our students will not only excel academically, but will become well-rounded thinkers with positive attitudes and a strong sense of values. Working together with our parents, community and business leaders we can help our students be competitive, lifelong learners prepared to enter the global workplace and become responsible citizens. 

    Dorothy Harris, Member 

    Rev. Moses Thompson  
    Rev. Moses Thompson, Vice Chairman  

    W. Jones  
    Walter Jones, Member
    My vision for the Canton Public School District is consistent with the national public schools goal to ultimately educate each and every child to the fullest of his/her potential. I believe that the Canton Public School District can and will seek to achieve this vision through its mission: "The mission of the Canton Public School District is to foster a lifelong thirst for learning within each student. In order to accomplish our mission, we shall continually strive to improve our educational services and thus, meet the demands of the community for quality. We shall continue our quest to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to work effectively with students from diverse ethnic and cultural groups and to help all students develop positive attitudes and values." We can achieve this mission through consistent school-community involvement and cooperation. We must together face the new challenges of our district, community, and society. The time of social, economic, and technological change in school districts are now upon us and indicated that our school board's responsibility is greater than ever before. to ensure input from students, administrators, parents and the community as a means to link to the entire community.  

    Courtney Rainey   
    Courtney Rainey, Member

     John Christopher
    John Christopher, Board Attorney