Canton Public School District Board of Education 


    Johnny Brown  
                                                                                            Mr. Johnny Brown, Chairman
    As Chairman of the CPSD Board of Trustees, my efforts are geared towards helping to create a learning atmosphere that focuses on the success of all students. We must continuously strive to improve the educational process so that our students will not only excel academically but will become well-rounded thinkers with positive attitudes and a strong sense of values. Working together with our parents, community and business leaders we can help our students be competitive, lifelong learners prepared to enter the global workplace and become responsible citizens. 

     Dr. Shivochie Dinkins
        Dr. Shivochie Dinkins, Secretary  
                             Mr. Lenderrick Taylor                             
         Mr. Lenderrick Taylor, Member     
     Glenn Lacey, Member  
    Mr. Glen Lacey, Member
    Peter Brown
    Mr. Peter Brown, Member _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
    Ms. Lisa Ross, Board Attorney