ICT I Course Syllabus (2015-2016)

    Nichols Middle School

    Ms. K. Franklin – Room 46




    ICT I Program Description


    Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is an innovative instructional program that prepares students to effectively use technology in learning, communication, and life. The ICT curriculum framework is built upon 21st Century Skills standards and the National Educational Technology Standards for Students.  Each unit will focus on a career cluster, to help students connect the subject theyre learning about to a variety of careers.    

    During middle school in the Canton Public School District, all students will take ICT I in 7th Grade and ICT II in 8th Grade.  The foundation for both classes is taught during 7th grade ICT I.  The topics we will cover during ICT I are listed below:


    Course Outline



    Unit Name

    Career Cluster Focus


    Orientation, Ethics, and Internet Tools

    Law, Public Safety, Corrections, & Security


    21st Century Learner Toolbox

    None—Focus placed on the Framework for 21st Century Learning


    Computing Fundamentals and Operating Systems

    Information Technology



    Business Management & Administration


    Word Processing

    Education & Training


    Multimedia Presentations

    Hospitality & Tourism


    Social Media

    Government & Public Administration


    Law, Public Safety, Corrections, & Security


     Grading Scale


    The grading scale implemented by the Canton Public School District will be used to determine grades in this class. 


    Acceptable Use Policy & Procedures 

    Because of the nature of ICT – using computers daily – its important that all students abide by the Canton Public School Districts Technology Appropriate Use Policy found in the student handbook on pages 68-72.  Please make sure you read this policy thoroughly and sign and return the Student/Parent Agreement found on pages 71 and 72 of the handbook.


    Course Expectations

    Course Notebook

    You will be expected to keep an organized 3-prong pocket folder this class.  No other class materials may be kept in this binder (no Math, English, etc.) – only ICT.  Since we do not have a textbook for you to take home for this course, its important that you have a system of organization in order to keep up with the handouts and notes we will have.


    folder Organization

    You should have a 3-prongfolder – preferably with pockets to hold larger handouts.  The tabs should be labeled as follows:

    1.         Safety & Orientation

    2.         Notes/Bellringers& Handouts

    3.         Study Guides


    Part of being organized is making sure that you bring all supplies to class every day!  The supplies are listed again below.

            3-prong pocket folder

            Notebook paper for folder


            Ear Buds (NOT HEADPHONES) in snack size Ziploc bag

            1 USB portable flash drive

            Pencils, Blue/black ink pens



    Because so many students will be using the computer each day, its important to keep each workstation clean and germ free!  Because of this, I am asking for the following items to keep our room clean!


          Disinfectant Cleaning Wipes or Disinfectant Spray (Clorox, Lysol, etc.)

          Hand Sanitizer


          Paper Towels




    Most students have cell phones, and most bring them to school with them although it is against school policy.    It is not acceptable to use cell phones for NON-INSTRUCTIONAL purposes during instructional time.  In ICT there might be times we use our cell phones to demonstrate a particular technology, but you are to ONLY have your cell phone out if you have been specifically instructed to do so by the teacher.  Any other times you have your cell phone out will be subject to the disciplinary actions of our classroom.


    Keyboarding & ICT I Portfolio


    The state department requires that all students who take ICT I must compile a portfolio of student work.  This will be kept in a folder for each individual student, along with a checklist of competencies to be completed by the student and marked off by the teacher.  Part of that portfolio includes a 5 minute timed writing.  The year-end goal for ICT I is for the students to be able to touch type 32 net words per minute.  The students will be expected to touch type – this means without looking at the keyboard and with the keys covered – in class.  All keyboarding assignments are to be completed IN CLASS, so we know WHO is typing, as well as if proper technique is being used.  Just as with any skill – athletic, musical, etc. – perfect practice makes perfect.  So, if you practice incorrectly, you will not master the skill, and your grade in keyboarding will reflect that!


    Bell Ringer – Enter the room quietly, and complete the bell ringer on the board as soon as you enter the classroom.


    Folders:  You are expected to keep a 3-prong pocket folder with all notes and handouts that I give you.  Folders will be checked weekly for a daily grade!


    Headings:  Be sure to put your full name, class period, and date on all papers!


    Team Work:  The teacher will assign all members of the team.  Each member is expected to participate in all teamwork activities.  Participation will be part of your grade when working on a group activity.


    Tardiness:  If you are not in the classroom and in your assigned seat when the bell rings, you are considered tardy unless you have a signed excuse. 


    Makeup Work:  It is your responsibility to make sure you complete all makeup work.  All work missed during an absence must be made up by the second class meeting after the absence. On school sponsored trips, assignments should be secured ahead of time and are due on the day the student returns to class. Most work must be completed in the computer lab, which means you must make arrangements to come either before or after school to complete your makeup work. 


    Computers:No food, gum or drinks are allowed in the computer lab!!!!!


    Backpacks, purses & other bags:  Keep all purses, backpacks and other bags out of the walkway so no one trips on them.  Its best to put them underneath the desk!


    Restroom:  Take care of your business before you enter the classroom. 


    Passwords:  Usernames and passwords will be given out once, and we will write it on the inside of your individual folder.  If you forget your password, Please refer to your folder!!!!





    Classroom Rules


    1.  Respect yourself, the teacher, each other, and all personal and school property.


    2.  Be prepared for class.


    3.  Bring a positive attitude with you.


    4.  Be cooperative and considerate with others.


    5.  Mind your manners.


    6.  Always follow directions the first time.


    7.  Be trustworthy.


    8.  Raise your hand and wait to be recognized before speaking or getting out of your seat.





       1st offense – Warning & Conference with teacher


       2nd  offense – Conference with Teacher & Parent Notice


       3rd offense – Teacher Punishment & Parent Notice


       4th offense  - Office Referral





    Student Agreement


    I, _________________________________ have read the classroom procedures, rules and consequences.  I also acknowledge that I have read and will comply with the Canton Public School Districts Internet Acceptable Use Policy found in the student handbook and distributed to students on the first day of school.  By signing my name below, I agree that I am fully aware of the consequences of breaking any of the rules, or not following the procedures.   I also promise to do my part in making this class a safe, fun, and exciting learning environment!




    Student Signature ______________________________________  Date _________________



    Parent/Guardian Signature ________________________________________ Date __________