• Welcome to Nichols Middle School  
    We would like to welcome all families, new and returning to Nichols Middle School. At Nichols we believe that all students possess certain abilities, talents, gifts, and academic strengths.  We also believe that each child is unique and different in his/her own special way. Our commitment is to build on these strengths and differences so that each child will become positive contributors to our community and abroad.
    Our goal at Nichols Middle School is to offer a rigorous academic program that fosters learning and builds good character. Although the Common Core State Standards are rigorous and will challenge our students academically, we believe our students will be successful. This can be accomplished by implementing the principles of effective learning and positive social skill development and interaction. The “BIG IDEA” is for our students to experience academic success and to possess the skills to make wise choices as it relates to their personal, career, and life goals.
    With the support of our school district, parents, and community, Nichols is committed to maintaining high expectations for all students, providing them with a solid academic preparation program, by engaging students and involving parents. We would like to express a sincere thank you to all staff members, parents, and students for making Nichols Middle School a dynamic place for learning and a sanctuary for students to grow socially and emotionally. We strongly encourage parents to volunteer and continue to support our school as we help our students exceed their fullest potential.