• Jennifer Clanton, Director of Finance Jennifer Clanton
    Director of Business and Finance

    Welcome to the Office of Business and Finance!



    The mission of the Office of Business and Finance is to ensure that the fiscal resources of the district are administered effectively to support teaching and learning.


    We are responsible for the planning, management and stewardship of the school district’s financial resources. We operate on the principles of sound budgeting practices, cost effective operations, prudent fiscal management and most of all, integrity, as we handle the daily business affairs of the district. We acknowledge that we are indeed accountable to the local taxpayers; therefore, we endeavor to practice good stewardship over what we have been entrusted.


    The district operates on a fiscal cycle that begins July 1 and ends June 30 of the following year.

    Our activities are reviewed by external independent auditing services on an annual basis to ensure the accuracy of financial reporting and to be certain that all required rules, regulations, laws and Board policies are being adhered to.


    For more information on the financial affairs of the district, please join us as we present reports monthly at our regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Directors. You may also click the links to the left to access additional information.


    The Office of Business and Finance team supports the educational program by providing the following services:


    16th Section Land Management


    Accounts Receivable

    Accounts Payable

    Ad Valorem Tax Requests and Collections

    Audit Management

    Budget Development and Management

    Capital Projects Fiscal Management

    Cash Management

    Competitive Bidding

    Debt Service Management

    Employee Benefits

    Employment Contracts

    Financial Accounting and Reporting

    Financial Forecasting

    Fiscal Accountability

    Grant Administration

    Internal Controls

    Inventory and Asset Management

    Investment Management

    Payroll Processing


    Risk Management

    Student Activity Accounting and Reporting

    Teacher Education Enhancement Fund (EEF) Card Distribution and Management

    Workers’ Compensation Insurance


    Please feel free to contact us at (601) 859-1152 if we can be of service to you.