• Monique Lastique

    Dear Parents and Guardians:

    Welcome to a fantastic school year at Goodloe! I am incredibly excited about the promise of more golden opportunities for our students to strive towards excellence. As we begin this new school year, we pledge to you . . . our students and parents . . . that this will be a wonderful year of engaging, meaningful and rigorous work in our classrooms, along with some fun and special times and events.

    During the school year, we will continue to build upon and refine our foundation of work, with none being more important than our tradition of excellence is the ONLY option for our boys and girls. Our staff of highly qualified professional educators and support personnel is committed to providing our students with many opportunities --- both inside and outside of the classroom --- for high caliber and quality learning, continual growth, leadership opportunities, and achieving at a high level of excellence! We pledge that this will be our focus daily, and we invite and encourage you, our students and parents, to work in partnership with us to seize these opportunities.

    So we welcome all families back to another exciting but challenging school year in building a stronger foundation for our students to excel. With your partnership, I am confident that we will prevail in doing so! So, remember to stay on top of your ABCs by checking on your child’s attendance, behavior, and course grades. As always, I am here to serve you and your child at Goodloe.

    Your partner in education,

    C. Monique Lastique



    I believe in myself and my ability to exhibit excellence at all times.

    Because I am responsible for my life and all my actions, I will:

    Possess a positive attitude

    Act responsibly Work and play safely and Show respect;

    therefore, I will listen, I will see, I will speak, I will feel, I will think, I will reason, I will read, I will write; I will do all of these things with one purpose in mind, to do my best my very best and not waste this day for this day will come no more,

    Excellence is the ONLY option for me !!