Latisha Sargent  
                                                                La,Tisha Sargent
Director of Exceptional Services
From the Office of Exceptional Services we would like to extend our hearth felt gratitude to the students, parents, community, faculty and staff of Canton Public School District. We are dedicated to providing quality services to all students within our district that have been identified as having a disability under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act  2004 and the intellectually gifted. We are staffed with 30 exceptional services teachers, 2 gifted teachers, certified nurse assistant, occupational therapist, physical therapist and 9 paraprofessional aids. The administrative team consists of a director, an administrative assistant, two case managers, a psychometrist, and a functional behavioral specialist. With the changing population within our district it is extremely important that we are all aware of the various disabilities in which we provide services.
Our qualified staff serves students with the following disabilities: 
Speech/language Disabilities
Specific Learning Disabilities
Mental Retardation
Emotional Disability
Hearing Impaired
Visually Impaired
Orthopedically Impaired
Multiple Disabilities
Other Health Impaired
Developmentally Delayed (ages 3-5 years)
Traumatic Brain Injury 
We provide services to these disability categories within all of our schools. If you additional information regarding evaluation, placement and/or services, please contact our office at 601.859.2179.
 Latisha Sargent is looking forward to working with her new staff in the Exceptional Services Department and serving the students and families of the district.