Huey L. Porter Middle School 


    Henry Doyle/Principal

    Henry Doyle




    Principal’s Message

    Welcome to Huey Lee Porter Middle School (HMPS) where you get the opportunity to witness “Success Under Construction!” I am honored for the opportunity to serve as the principal of this great institution of learning not just because I think HMPS students are some of the brightest and most intelligent students in the district, but also because its namesake was my high school principal! The mantra or catchphrase for our school is “Do me proud!” which is how Mr. Porter would encourage us as we prepared for everything whether it be academics, athletics, or just going to have some fun! I realize that this past school year caused us to sail in uncharted territory, so we are working under the realm of a new normal. Regardless, we will move forward by providing our students with a good quality middle school education that will propel them far beyond anything you could imagine or think. Because of our new normal, please prepare for a year that may look very different than the previous years. We will R.O.A.R. just as we always have, but we will be roaring with a renewed voice. We will continue to RACE toward excellence, but we will now OVERTURN negative atmospheres, ACCELERATE all learning, and RISE beyond expectations. I look forward to collaborating with parents, staff members, community leaders, and students to make this year the best year ever! Do me proud!

    Educationally yours, 

    Henry L. Doyle, Jr., Principal