Tim Luckett
              Tim Luckett
                  Director of Technology
     Vision Statement


    The Office of Technology supports the theory, “all students can learn” and it is the district’s goal to make this theory a reality.  Educational Technology provides another medium to expand the opportunities for all students to learn.  A vision to implement learning in a practical and competitive means while utilizing critical thinking strategies makes Educational Technology’s standards, essential.

     The Office of Technology also believes that all of its children deserve an education that will provide them with the opportunity to become active learners and productive citizens throughout their lives.  Our intent is to create a district technology direction that will support learners in developing their maximum intellectual potential, personal and social responsibility, and skills and knowledge in preparation for their working lives.

     Finally, as a community of learners, that champions lifelong learning and learner-focused schools, the district believes that the needs of the individual learner should be assessed and addressed continually.


        Mission Statement

     The Office of Technology's mission is to use Educational Technology to foster a lifelong thirst for learning within each student. Technology will equip our students with the tools they need to be productive citizens in the 21st century.  The infusion of technology into the learning environment will empower students to go beyond traditional learning boundaries to become independent and interdependent learners, interacting with virtually anyone, anywhere, and at any time.  It is with this attitude and ability that challenges of the future can be met successfully.

    Contact us at (601)859-6850




    Rodney Harris

    Director of Maintenance/Transportation


    For all transportation-related matters, please contact Mr. Leroy Chaney at the bus shop at (601) 407-9623. 

     Joe Thompson

    Assistant Director of Maintenance


    Maintenance Department 

                                                                                                                                                  Contact us at (601)859-5002
    The Maintenance Department is responsible for maintaining more than 299,757,000 square feet of space in 10 schools and school grounds. The maintenance employees in the department are responsible for the heating/cooling of the schools, the electrical systems, plumbing, and carpentry. The department also monitors construction projects. During the summer break, the maintenance department undertakes many school projects that cannot easily be completed while classrooms are occupied.
    Areas of Responsibility
    Climate Control
    Preventive Maintenance & Plumbing
    Site Care
    Transportation Department
    State and Federal regulations, numerous laws, and regulations that govern how bus stops are assigned ensure that we have bus stops that are safe for our students and motorists alike.