•  Canton Public School District

    The Canton Public School District embodies a tradition of academic excellence that drives the success of each of its more than 3,300 students. The mission of the Canton Public School District, with the full participation of parents and the community, is to enable all students to become analytical thinkers, self-directed lifelong learners, and effective communicators. The district’s goal is to prepare students to continue their education and /or to enter the global workplace and to participate in society as responsible citizens. Recognizing that children are the community’s greatest asset and value, the district invites parents and the community to join with schools in serving as a perpetual bridge for the development of a student’s character. Further, the district believes it takes all parties to work together toward the enhancement of a student’s ability to master data, interpret knowledge, and apply the practical principles of their mastery. Canton Public School District leaders fulfill the district’s mission of Elevating Minds and Empowering Possibilities” by working together. Our district's motto is "Perseverance Conquers All!"