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Distance Learning Assignments March 23-27, 2020

CPSD Elementary Schools

Parent must now contact teachers to get elementary schools’ Google Classroom Codes for parents  and students to access class assignments and stay informed. The website for Google Classroom is  Once students access their teacher’s google classroom, they will find their class assignments, teaching notes, and other instructional activities. This tool will also be used to communicate with parents. We are asking parents that do not have access to WiFi to contact Spectrum at 1-844-488-8398 for free internet. Principals and teachers will post other information regarding telecommunication companies offering free internet services and WiFi to parents. Also, Google Classroom works on kids’ PS4 and Xbox. These online programs can also be accessed on cell phones, video game consoles, and iPads. 

 K-5 students and English Learners can use this link to access additional resources through MDE

Canton Ninth Grade Academy 

Advanced World Geography Assignments March 23-27, 2020

((Advanced Wolrd Geography students are being sent work on Google Classroom. They will also have a review practice posted on QUIZIZZ. This is a review of a past unit so they should have no problems.  and enter code  :   867629))


Google Classroom Codes Updated

Canton Ninth Grade Academy Assignments March 23-27, 2020

Foundations of Algebra March 23-27, 2020


Nichols Middle School

Nichols Middle School Assignments March 23-27, 2020



Huey Middle School

Huey Porter Assignments for March 23-27, 2020

Huey Porter Assignments 2 March 23-27, 2020 

Huey Porter Assignments 3 March 23-27, 2020


Canton High School

Directions for Mathematics Classes

Edwin Quinn Physical Science Genetics

Evolution Vocabulary worksheet GILMORE

Gilmore Natural Selection Bell ringers students

Monohybrid Practice Mar 23-27 MC Allister

Ms McAllister Genetics Human Anatomy and Physiology

Powell General Music Choir

Punnett Square Worksheet

U. S. History Assignments Alternate Instruction


APUSH Assignments Alternate Instruction

Biology Matthews March 23 2020 April 4 2020

Compensatory English II McKinney Nelson

ENGLISH II Alexander McKinney 3 23 27 2020

ENGLISH III Mrs Banks and Mrs Thakur Week of March 23 27 2020

English IV Mrs Banks

English IV- Mrs. Thakur

English Language Arts Durham

Jackson's Khan Academy Classes

Learning Strategy Class Durham

Math Department Course Codes

Simmons African American Studies Creative Writing 3 23-27 20

The story of William Shakespeare YouTube

U. S. History Assignments Alternate Instruction

World History USA Testprep term 4 week 1 2020 

Fuller Chemistry Physical Science 

Coach Evans Drug Education PE

Kiara Doty Calendar of Assignments Advanced Math Plus

Kiara Doty Calendar of Assignments Alg II

Kiara Doty Calendar of Assignments Alg I

Kiara Doty Calendar of Assignments Geo

Kiara Doty Calendar of Assignments SREB

Mr Clark African American Studies Economics Directions for 3 23 27 20

Quinn Revised for Physical Science and Genetics March 23 April 17 2020